Sunday, November 12, 2006


As soon as I wrote the word ("work", silly!), I knew I'm not the best person to write a blog about it; simply because I'm just as lazy as a gemini could be. And my being in office on saturdays and sundays does nothing to contradict the fact; because I'm not in office 'coz I'm a workaholic, I'm in office simply 'coz I did not feel like working almost the entire week. Again, which doesn't mean I did not work at all; it just means that I worked just as much as was enough to let everyone know that I was working. =))

Coming to which, I think that working in a team is really difficult - so kudos to all you who think team work is cool. I mean, it's really necessary when you need some help, 'coz experience does count; but otherwise it requires a lot of dedication (at least from me) if you want to focus on your work, and not on tea/coffee/gup-shups with your 'team' :-p

Again, coming to which, I think dedication is an element that iGod altogether forgot to put in me (especially, dedication when it comes to 'working' ;)) 'coz even when I'm looking all sincere with my assignments, my mind is flashing with scores of ideas of anything under the sun, right from a long-forgotten movie to the way the person I'm talking to keeps repeating a certain phrase. :-p

Well, mom says I have a brilliant mind ;) ;), and so I can do whatever I set my eyes upon and do it brilliantly (I think every mother thinks the same of her child, but who am I to question what my mom says? :-p). So I've been trying hard (not to do something brilliant, but to set my eyes upon something that I'd want to do brilliantly :-p) ; may my mom's wishes come true. Amen!


Phoenix said...


happy working madam

Kanupriya said...

thank you! :D

Ritesh said...

hehe.. i think i also fall into the same category as you. Work is hard to set your eyes upon :P

aur upar se orkutting, blogging, chatting etc are so attractive and addictive :P. Kaam ki waat lag jaati hai yaar.

....R.A.J.A.... said...

All you need is a mentor. You know who B-)

Kanupriya said...

@Ritz dear
=)) sach kahte ho, seedhe chalne ka raasta ek hai, aur bigadne ke bahut saare ;)

tum jaisa mentor mile, tab to kaam ke saath-saath meri bhi waat lag jayegi :-p

Phoenix said...


mere mentor ke bare mein aise na bolo B-)

Kanupriya said...

Kiddo, u don't know ur ment well enough! :-p

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