Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday, finally!

A friday, at last. The day I can't work, however much I force myself to - not that I force myself much ;)
So, everyone has a smile (genuine), noone's fretting over work, and the 'bosses' are not acting as bosses. We have three training sessions, all scheduled at the same time, and two in the same conference room ;) It's funny how the project leads don't discuss things with their colleagues, at the same time instructing their team to discuss everything with everyone else.
And then there's this weekly team meeting, that everyone looks forward to. They'd have been even more successful had there been refreshments to go with the 'weekely team break' :-p

Yet another thing to look forward to is the Circus show we're planning to go to. I don't think it'll materialize, though. Not because we're lazy - just 'coz it's a friday, and we should have booked the tickets some time in advance.
The last time I visited a circus was in Chennai - The Gemini Circus. The performers were efficient, the show excellent - at the same time, heartbraking. Most of the performers were so young, they should have been studying in a school, playing, reciting rhymes - and not risking their lives, while people like us clapped for them.

Also in the list this weekend is some last-minute (last-weekend) Deepawali shopping before I leave for home next thursday. (Suggest some gift for my bhabhi, anyone ;) ). Would also love to have a good coffee at Barista this weekend, if I could convince someone to come along. I wonder if the Bad coffee in the office is on purpose, so that we don't get addicted. Such altruism on the part of HCL!

And yet again, I wish I could be more like my mother. I'm a dreamer, she - a doer. If I see something bad around me, I know it's bad, I also know why it's bad, I can tell others that it's bad. If she sees it, she'll do something to set it right; and not sit around criticizing it. If I see something good, I'll praise it, I'll love it. If she likes something, she'll do something similar, or better.
What do you see me doing now? Praising my mother, criticizing the coffee at office - but 'not feeling like doing anything' :-p

So, let me at least make a wish-list.
  • I wish I could be more focused.
  • I wish I could prepare a list (another list) ;) of movies/music I like (a task given to me days back)
  • I wish I could write better. I wish that over and over again, every time I read anything well-written.
  • I wish I could take some time out for myself, and learn something new.
  • I wish I were not this lazy.
  • I wish I could take a long leave. :-<
  • I wish I wished less, and did more. :-p
  • I wish you all a happy weekend ;)


Siege Perilous said...

I wish u.. a Happy Deepawali !!

and how abt a good saree for a bhabhi... but thts a very usual, no?

I am dumb when it comes to gifting :(

and haan... coffee le liye jab chaahe bulaao... aa jaayenge :)

and haan.. apni music/movies ki list mujhe bhi FWD karr diyo !!

Kanupriya said...

thanks re! :)
I got gifts for my bhabhi, some flowers for one, and a beautiful candle-stand for the other.
coffee ke liye to tum bulaao mujhe :-p
will fwd u the list as soon as I'm done with it :D

....R.A.J.A.... said...

I wish I could write as well as you do.
I wish I could write.

and yeah, I, too, wish that I wished less (expected less) and did more :-)

Kanupriya said...

why do u wish to write worse than u can? :-o

let's not wish, and do sth :-p

rohit said...

hi ms kanupriya, i just found u visited my profile at orkut and went back, hey, dont i deserve a single scrap???? huh,,,
jokes apart, i really really feel u r a very beautiful person at heart, having seen what u have written in ur blog. Hats off to u lady, u just rock.

Kanupriya said...

thanks Rohit :-)

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