Friday, October 14, 2011

Daftar ke Din

दफ्तर के दिन 

एक को 'ग़बन' के सफहों के बीच बुक-मार्क बना के रख छोड़ा 
कुछ को कॉफ़ी के संग निगल लिया
कईयों को अख़बार की तरह -
सरसरी निगाह से देख भर के किनारे रख दिया 

कुछ दिन अब भी कनाट प्लेस के सर्कल्स के चक्कर ही लगा रहे हैं 
दफ्तर के दिन, हम बस ऐसे बिता रहे हैं!

Office Days

One is now a bookmark for 'Ghaban'
Some were gulped down with a hurried cappuccino
Many were just glanced upon like a newspaper, and cast aside

Some days are still hanging around at Connaught Place
This is how I'm spending, my office days! 


....... said...

Excellent !! your skills are getting better everyday :)

Kanupriya said...

I don't think it's a pretty piece of writing, but thanks for liking it :)

arohan said...

I have taken liberty of mentioning it on my blo...after giving you credit

Kanupriya said...

Thanks, I'd take that as a compliment :)

couldbeanyname said...

kuch din ab bhi connaught place ke chakkar... seriously good stuff.. i seriously can't understand why you dont write more often!!!!

Kanupriya said...

I don't write more often, because it doesn't come naturally to me :) I only write when I have something to say. And mostly, I have nothing to say :P

couldbeanyname said...

Those who have nothing to say, should be heard the most, for only they have the real stuff. Don't say writing doesn't come naturally, Amaltas is an example. I really don't go around reading blogs and commenting etc.. but Kanupriya, to be very frank, on my first read , i thought it was some short story by gulzar u posted.. now that's the max a compliment can get according to me.. rest is upto u..

Kanupriya said...

Arey aap to embarrass kar rahe hain ekdam. I'll try to write more, pakka :)

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