Sunday, November 14, 2010

What do you REALLY love doing?

Last night, after a really long time, I spent some time listening to music. It was a beautiful night, with the winter setting in. Each whiff of air (with just a hint of cold) carried with it the light scent of tulsi and mustard oil (used to light the evening lamp). A perfect after-Deewali night of North India!

As I strolled on the terrace, the music created such a magical feel, that I wondered what indeed has come between me and my love of music? Looking back, I realized that I spend almost 2 hours every day watching TV (9-11 pm). This is a relatively new habit. Having only DD-1 at home when growing up, and thereafter being in a no-TV university for 8 years ensured that I never fell into this habit.

So, with almost 12 hours (8 am - 8 pm) spent in and commuting for my job - followed by these 2 hours - I am left with only 10 hours a day. And I sleep for 8 hours out of these 10. Where is the time for things that used to be me? Where is the time for music, dance, books, movies, sketching - all these things that as a student I used to call my passion?

The point I am trying to make to myself is,
(i) I should probably shift to a place relatively near to the office (commuting for job accounts for 3-4 hours a day - WAY too many!) - but I love our current apartment just too much for that :(
(ii) I should cut back on watching TV. (Wish they showed really bad shows on Star World too, just like on almost all other channels)

@Everyone: Do you find time for yourself? If yes, how? If no, it is time you started thinking about it too.

PS: I was listening to songs by Gulzar.


JustSo said...

It feels like, ever since I got married, I have had no time to do what really "defined" me ....
fodder for a blog post, lemme not rant at urs :)

Divesh said...

In addition to the woes of not being able to find time for ourselves, we put on ourselves this additional pressure by longing to have time for ourselves..

i) You like your apartment, so you do not want to move..

ii) You like watching TV shows, and that is why you watch them...

so, you are, if only partially, doing things that you like... :)

kahin kisi ko muqammal jahaan nahi milta..

Kanupriya said...

good, if that'll make you blog :) btw I did your 'book' tag too ;)

yeah, I love this apartment! the best part, it has a terrace ;)
And yup, I do like these shows I watch.. guess I just long to go back to being my previous happier self at times :)

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