Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Reality Check

"Ek hi khwaab kai baar dekha hai maine"

Wrote Gulzar once, and quite a number of couth Indian men went "Aah, wouldn't I love a life/wife like her!". Things, ofcourse, are not always as good as they seem. And neither was Gulzar's dream. Sigh!

"Gungunaati hui nikli hai naha kar jab bhi
Apne bheege hue baalon se tapakta paani
Mere chehre pe chhidak deti hai, tu Tikku ki bachchi!"

Sounds romantic, doesn't it? Well sure it does (sound romantic), but that's about it. Welcome to reality, Tikku! Chances are, Patidev loves his slumber more than you, and the scene would be - Patidev's in the bed, trying hard not to get woken up by your crooning, and if so much as the tiniest droplet of water from your hair reaches his face, all hell breaks loose! "Tikku, shut up with that stupid song and lemme sleep! I had been in the office the night before till eleven!! And it's just 9 in the morning for God's sake!!! *&%$#" ... And you wish you still stayed with your female flatmates (who'd break into an antakshari on the hint of a song!)

"Taash ke patton pe laDti hai kabhie kabhie khel mein mujhse
Aur kabhie laDti bhi aise ki bas khel rahi ho mujhse"

Very well written. But, ahem, reality check - The moment you start "laDna" (however playfully, however outta love), Patidev goes on the defensive "Can't you talk to me even for a moment without cribbing, complaining or sulking? I can't recall when it was last that we talked for an hour without arguing!! Blah Blah Blah?!!! Blah Blah Blah???" Oops!

So, wake up, women! Charm, courtesy and chivalry are not necessarily your guy's everyday adornments. Neither is romance. And wake up, men! Wake up before your girl runs away screaming.

Life's not a dream written by Gulzar, after all.


....R.A.J.A.... said...
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Zindabad said...

Na jhatko zulf se paani, yeh moTi toot jaayenge...
Who doesn't need a reality check

The Black King said...

Aare madam, all this is supposed to appear beautiful for the first tow or three years of marriage: afterwards your reality checks come into the picture. Kyun hum bachcho ke pavitra man ko aise shock deti ho?

Kanupriya said...

it's not a crib-post [-( it's reality [-(
there's a limit to which someone can adapt. and anyway, it's a 2-party effort :->

Kanupriya said...

everyone does, at one point or another.

Kanupriya said...

@The Black King
two or three years is a bit too optimistic. I don't think it lasts that long :-p
maine kya shock diya? :-o

....R.A.J.A.... said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kanupriya said...

'he' already has ;)

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