Thursday, May 03, 2007

Waah, Gulzar!

Yes, I know there've been enough posts about Gulzar and ARR in my blog already. But then, you can't expect much else from a diehard Gulzar fan, and more so one who has developed a newfound interest in writing herself.

Frankly, I don't think I'm the stuff poets are made of. I know that of late I've just been posting my so-called poems, but they're not spontaenous. They usually come up after a lot of fiddling with words and playing with thoughts and ideas. I don't know if everyone writes like that, but I do.

And so, it surprises me how someone can write as simply, yet as beautifully as Gulzar does. There's no trace of slogging with words and ideas. The words seem to flow, to slide on a ground frictionless, to just have occured in someone's heart and moulded themselves into poetry. Nothing seems deliberate!

'Jab bhi thaama hai tera haath to dekha hai
Log kahte hain ki bas haath ki rekha hai
Humne dekha hai do taqdeeron ko juDte hue'

No big words, nothing unusual, yet such an extraordinary piece. And then,

'Parashtish ki yaa tak ki ey but tujhe
Nazar mein sabon ki khuda kar chale'

Or a superhit dance number, which has some meaning too -

'Woh yaar hai jo khushbu ki tarah
Jiski zubaan urdu ki tarah
Meri shaam-raat, meri qaaynaat
Woh yaar mera saiyaan saiyaan'

Even an item number gets a distinct Gulzar touch, and becomes Kajra Re (or 'Bidi Jalai Le')-

'Aankhein bhi kamaal karti hain
Personal se sawaal karti hain'

Never mind using other poets works (of course, with due credits given), they're all enriched, reinforced and given a new meaning (and popularity) altogether -

'Dil DhoonDhta hai phir wohi, fursat ke raat-din
baithe rahein tasavvur-e-jaana kiye hue'
(by Ghalib)

I can go on and on, but I realize that others do not necessarily share my enthusiasm on the subject. Moreover, this can probably go on forever (I haven't even mentioned his non-filmi compositions). So, here's to the wonderful lyricist, poet, scriptwriter and director.

We salute you!


....R.A.J.A.... said...
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Ritesh said...

add me in 'we'.

Just look at the lyrics of Omkara!!!

Kanupriya said...

we, the fans of Gulzar :D

added! :D
Omkara is awesome! my current fav is 'Namak' :)

....R.A.J.A.... said...

I was re-listening to Omkara songs. Not bad. Beedi/Namak/Naina has decent lyrics

I remember when in OSU I had tried to explore Pablo Neruda with the help from my friend Jose (the original choice of words can never be reflected in translations. So I needed someone to explain it). Some poems are fascinating. I could allow Neruda's poems to define my liking, or allow my liking to judge Neruda's poems. I took the later path - and found that he had both excellent and ordinary ones. I wdn't get fascinated by beedi-type Neruda poem.

I've read it that we get philosophically enchanted by some writer by answering the series of questions -- does s/he have a similar/'superior' philosophical bent of mind? does s/he express things in the way I'd do or like to do? does s/he use words that appeal to me? could I write a similar thing? -- other than the last one, the answer for the others should be 'yes' to like him/her, and a strong 'NO' for the last one to become a fan.
I'm sure some of the current TLTE comm members can write as beautiful poems as he does!

Kanupriya said...

For me to be someone's fan, the only condition is that I like his/her work. whether or not I can write as well as him/her is just a test of my own goodness ;)

and if someone else can write as good as/better than Gulzar, it doesn't mean that I shudn't like Gulzar. it just means that I shud start reading that persons works too. :)

and that reminds me, why don't u write more often?

JustSo said...

awesome ... just awesome the man is. **bows down**

Kanupriya said...

yup! :)
thanks for dropping by :)

....R.A.J.A.... said...

Yes, you don't do anything like that. It's 'done' within you.
Like, you don't judge a particular variation in decibel level. But it's done automatically within you to make you like/dislike a music

Kanupriya said...

How was ur comment related to mine? I mean, which part of my comment did it refer to? :-/

....R.A.J.A.... said...

"the only condition is that I like his/her work. whether or not I can write as well as him/her is just a test of my own goodness ;)"

and what I meant is, the other 'conditions' are checked automatically within you

Kanupriya said...

oh yes, ofcourse! only that I never thot about my philosophical bend of mind :D (not there's much of consequence in it :-p)

couldbeanyname said...

Just a correction..Parishtiya.. was written by Mir Taki Mir..

Kanupriya said...

I know that now :) Need to correct that though. Thanks for pointing out!

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