Saturday, December 02, 2006


Today, while sitting in the office, I found myself humming
"Ek kahaani kahte-kahte ek kahaani aur mili
Dil ki Dagar pe chalte-chalte, ek nishaani aur mili"
and suddenly the memories of good ol' DoorDarshan days came rushing back to me.

Some of you may still remember, it was the title track of a serial based on Gulzar's short stories, "
Ek Kahaani". Such a bunch of heart-warming little stories they were! Then there were serials based on short-stories/novels by Chekhov, Maupassant, Tagore, Sharatchandra, Premchandra, Satyajit Ray, RK Narayanan, Ruskin Bond, Rahi Masoom Raza and names I might have forgotten.

Chekhov Ki Kahaaniyaan" used to be one of my favorite serials. The stories were so touching, and had this quality of making your heart go out to the characters. No other serials have been able to capture childhood fantasies and present them in the manner RK Narayan's "Malgudi Days" and Ruskin Bond's "Ek Tha Rusty" did.

Or even the serials based on old indian stories like Vikram-Betaal or Sinhaasan Battisi - they were too dramatic at times, but made their point nevertheless. And then, there was this series for kids, "
Kahaaniyon ka Guchchha" - its title track makes all the more sense now -
"Khatti ho to namak lagaake
Gale mein aTke paani le lo
Guchchha hai bhai guchchha hai
Kahaaniyon ka guchchha hai
Kahaani le lo"
:) Isn't that so very true about life as well?

I was not old enough at the time of
Hum Log or Nukkad. But the other serials I remember watching and loving are Farmaan, Circus, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Vyomkesh Bakshi and Aarohan. Even Shekhar Suman's Reporter was something I remember our family waiting eagerly for, every monday at 9 pm, if I remember it right.

Not only the stories, even the actors and the characters they've played have became immortal in the history of indian television. Be it Pankaj Kapoor as KaramChand or Vijay Anand as Sam D'silva in Tehkikaat, it's hard to imagine someone else playing the characters.

Despite a hundred music channels, no programme has equalled the popularity of
Chitrahaar, which made people forget all their assignments and sit glued to the TV at 7:30, every Wednesday and Friday. Or even Rangoli, which made us get up at 7, even on Sundays.

*sigh* I can go on and on writing about these serials, and how they always managed to bring the whole family together for lunch or dinner. I do miss the golden DoorDarshan days!
"Sadiyon sadiyon wahi tamaasha
Rasta-rasta lambi khoj
Lekin jab woh mil jaata hai
Kho jaata hai jaane Kaun"


baadal said...

Some months back I was a member of the community "Old Doordarshan Serials" and what you wrote is a part of the same, though you managed to make it special. :)
Sometimes our senses are not that sensible/intelligent to recognize what beauty/observation(beauty in observation) is. But, in a sudden even a single word can make you realize that friday 7:30 to 8:00 PM or those Ramayana/Mahabharata serials used to bring all the family members together :)

May God bless you 1000 years or more to live and I would like to born again to see whether you have same efficiency to observe the things or not :P

....R.A.J.A.... said...

Ok, let's not exaggerate :p

1. "it's hard to imagine someone else playing the characters" -- you'd say say the same thing for any other playing thecharacter

2. "even the actors and the characters they've played have became immortal in the history of indian television" -- that was some comment.Talk 'bout overwhelming emotion! Have you watched these immortal things recently? You'd find the over-theatrical immortality:-p

3. "and how they always managed to bring the whole family together for lunch or dinner" -- It's not Doordarshan that brought them together, it was the narrower horizon at that time

4. "were too dramatic at times, but made their point nevertheless" -- what point did they make? if something is based on a well-known story and follows the story, what else wd u expect other than the know conclusion?

It's always golden moment, for everything. Youfind it in the past if you're not satisfied with the present.

Your writing style has this unmatched simplicity, but I didn't expect the content to rival that


Kanupriya said...
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Kanupriya said...

fair enough. :D

baadal said...
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rahul said...

I still remember one of the episode of chekov ki duniya, It was about an innocent Girl Maria... not sure about the name.
But story was quite good

Kanupriya said...

yes, I think I remember it too.. the girl that worked in a rich family. is it the one u were talking about?

....R.A.J.A.... said...

Just found a pretty common mistake here. You've mentioned R K Narayanan for R K Narayan. Correct it.

aman said...

hey i liked ur blog about the vintage doordarshan... it really made me nostalgic....especially that esoteric mention of 'chekov ki duniya'...thanks..

Kanupriya said...

done :)
thanks :)

Kanupriya said...

Chekov's books are a delight, too. if u like reading, do try them sometime :)

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