Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It is desirable, most of the time – expected, especially in girls.
I’m not claiming innocence; in fact, I confess that I’m not innocent – innocence, as in naivety. But then, what’s the big deal? Do only men have the right to be intelligent?
I want my freedom, my space, recognition, money, love. Or maybe, I want to be lost, be left alone. Whatever!
Or, leave my being ‘girl’ aside. Suppose I’m any X-Y-Z around you. Suppose I’m you. Now, isn't the right to 'want' something, or to 'not want' something else, a most basic one?

Why can't I be mean to others, why do I have to be mean to myself?

[Oh, and this is not directed towards anyone. I mean ANYONE whosoever. Thank you!]


Raja said...

That's so damn cute :-p

But, really, so much injustice is being done on girls. You should be left alone as you have mentioned you want!

Kanupriya said...

:D I don't want to left alone. and that's why I said, "forget about my being a girl" :)

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