Saturday, June 24, 2006

Of Rains and Bansthali

I came to office today, a saturday, to work. That's the bad part.
The worse part is, it's a beautiful day.
Worst is, I didn't do anything, and didn't go out.
Didn't do anything 'coz I was not feeling like. Just couldn't bring myself to ignore the showers, the cool breeze, everything about the nature so beautiful - and so rare in Noida.
Didn't go out 'coz - first, it was raining. Second, I'm not a full-fledged s/w engr yet, can't afford to flunk in my MCA final sem exams. And third, simply 'coz I didn't have anyone to go out with!
And don't know why, but with today's rain I din't miss


So, continuing on Sunday......

..... but with today's rain I din't miss a romantic date, a long drive, chai-pakora or the usual rainy-day thingies as much as I missed Banasthali. Rains were one of the respites from the usually boring life there. And everyone really enjoyed! At times I miss Banasthali...

I'm already looking forward to going to Banasthali (yes, I'm leaving tomrrow :D) and meeting everyone yet again. There'll be new stories from different companies/cities/states and lots of treats, with many of our batchmates engaged.


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