Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Morning


We had a beautiful morning today (though I got up late - at 0819), and a typical one too. It was drizzling since yesterday, and Noida got some fine weather at last! :-)
When I got up, and went to the balcony as a routine - I was in for a surprise. I love rains, and was cribbing to Saras last night about how lucky he is 'coz it's raining in Bombay. There were a lot of other people in their balconies as well (which is not usual on a working day in Noida), some sipping tea, some talking, some (like me) standing all by themselves, all of them enjoying the sudden change in weather.
There were some maids huddled together taking shelter in the parking, a driver enjoying FM in the car, 2 school-kids playing football in the rain, some empty benches in the park, 2 swings - one broken, a pretty girl in an umbrella, an elderly fellow rushing to his office, two guys going out on a bike, and even a postman! Even the FM-RJ was not in her usual rant-away mood.
But as it was, I had to leave for office. The three of us (me, Neha and Shveta) had only one umbrella in us, and we got pretty much drenched by the time we reached. But for someone like me who loves rains, it was a treat.
And in the office we had delicious gobhi ke parathe, thanks to Lokesh! :-)

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