Monday, May 15, 2006


(Another one of the sketches I did the other day. Quite a raw one, as it's done using a thicker brush mostly. But it's more expressive, sort of! And the girl looks like Nanda somehow :-D )


....R.A.J.A.... said...

hmmmm ...........

baadal said...

I don't have much idea abt sketching. Your last one was prettier one.. This one is also gud .. I can't draw even a sigle straight line though I feel like something is missing, may be a stretched smile.. the roots of lips are not as elongated as they should be, don't u think so??

From the pic it seems like girl is blusing, wo kahte hain na lazana :d something like that or may be excatly that.. If lips are at right place then it must be eyes which has something missing..

Nice page!!
Infact innovative one!!
I want to download your complete website. may I have the permission senorita :-s ??

I said...

after long time..hai na..
keep it up..

Kanupriya said...

thanks :)
yeah the last one was prettier, but this one looks happier :-)
I didn't know how I cud better it, so left it as it was!
thanks, anyway.
download my website? sure!

haan, after a long time indeed! and it's all the more difficult 'coz it's not done on paper.

baadal said...

it was tough for me to wait for your response.. I already downloaded it :D
hmmmmmm happier, yeah she is.. :-)

baadal said...

you said itwasn't on paper, u mean u did it on photo editor???

Kanupriya said...

I kinda knew that :-p. anyway!

I mean that I did it on paintbrush. :D and the last one, too :-)

baadal said...

now u can understand I am no more than a rookie having not a single idea abt painting but I think I can be a good admirer or a critic because I love paintings :)

many years back I was good at drawing, earned few titles in school days.. I used to sketch and my most prized possession was a home somewhere in a small village right down the hills with a 'phoolon ki baadi' outside the door and a girl pouring water to flower pots.. Butterflies, lovely dawn, and a pagdandi and and and hmmmmm yes how can I miss it, a well- some women digging water out of it :D..

That was my lovely dream, I wish I could have one such home..

Kanupriya said...

hope u do get a home like tht sm day! but r u sure u'd want to live in such a place all ur life?

btw, u look like one of my seniors here!

baadal said...

Har koi devta ban kar khush nahi rah sakta, bas kalpnao mein accha lagta hai..

Mahatma Gandhi ke jaisa ban-ne ki sochna aur unke jaisa ban-na do alag alag baatein hain, tumhe bhi lag raha hoga mera wo sapna aur reality do alag alag cheejen hain..

Har sapna sach hone ke liye nahi hota par kuch sapno ko bas jee liya jata hai.. Tum bhale hi mere us sapne ko yatharth(reality) ke dharatal pe dekh rahi hogi par mere us sapne ki ek hi sacchai hai "simplicity and beauty.. Be true at heart, and live the life!!" And thats me :-)

And yaa its good to see as you have already met someone else like me.. I think it will be good for me, atleast you can understand me in better way :-)

I said...

i knew that though
but still
its amazing guru
i cant do a single line with that s/w..
how can u manage that.......

Kanupriya said...

I didn't say anything abt understanding! you 'look' like my senior. your face resmebles his - tht's what I meant!

anyway, nice thots! :-)

it seemed difficult to me as well, but it's not all tht diff!

baadal said...

I never knew you visited my profile, so thought of might be its my views who commenced you to say I look like one of your senior { another interesting factor is as u belong to a girl's college and I can't be a girl ;) so its the thought that can match only :)))) }..
Funny one
anyway tnx!!!

Waiting something out of your pen :)

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