Thursday, May 25, 2006

In Black and White


baadal said...

Can u guess what is the best part in last two sketches and why??

Kanupriya said...

ummm I think the hair!

Manish said...

wah ! different expressions one gentle other pensive ...rang apne aap mein kuch keh jate hain !

baadal said...

You got it absolutely wrong :P .. Thats eyes..
Well you haven't answered why, ok I am telling you..

The only reason behind it is 'the artificer'.. She herself has divine eyes to catchup things which are unknown to us.. I saw "The Seven Wonders of Banasthali".. I guess life has lotz to say but there are few you have meanings of it and again there are very few who try to portray them.. Thanks for brining it to us :)

You shouldn't consider it as adulation but it may be an adjective..

Kanupriya said...

yes, ofcourse :-)

u r always welcome. but u praise things a lot too much!

baadal said...

I think I am a good critisizer..

Its like people don't accept praise for their work by some strange entity and thats the only case between u and me, isn't it??
Afterall I am also a lover of art :)

one more thing, if I feel like today moon is beautiful, I will come to u to request, " hey why don't u give some rest to your today's schedule.. Lets move to the roof.. Moon is really beautiful today :)".

Thats the way I am..
Too much abt me, me egotist :D

Kanupriya said...

yeah, it's strange when so much of praise comes from sm1 I don't know!
so u love nature?

baadal said...

badhi ja rahi jis tarah arunima
hai lagta kahin par hawan ho raha hai!

madhur mukt aabha, sungadhit pawan hai
naye din ka kaisa srijan ho raha hai!!

Nature is a like a gift for me, everyday it comes with new surprises and I feel myself crazy to unleash it.. When ever a 'koyal' play her sound, my eyes start searhing her in surroundings doesn't matter what I was doing previously..

Well I like evenings more than any glimpse of nature, especially birds flying back to their nests :) and their 'too too main main' on tress are really affable.. Kabootaron ko ladte dekha hai?? Goon Goon ki aawaz nikalte hue bade pyare lagte hain, isn't it??
Aapke ek sawal ka itna bada jawab.. Jawab mein apne sawal ko dhoondhti rah jaogi :P

Kanupriya said...

really... for a sec I forgot wht I had asked :-p

anyway, guess u read this one in 'Sampaadkeey' of Aayam. :-p maine bhi kahin se tepa tha wahan ke liye ;-)

baadal said...

of course ma'am :) I did..

Anonymous said...

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