Thursday, April 20, 2006

As the evening comes

I had always loved evenings for their freshness, vitality and colors.
But I no more look forward to them (well, I do - 'coz it means I'll be getting out of the office soon). But not the way I used to, for their beauty. 'Coz they're all the same to me. I know exactly what I'll be doing every evening (ok, 5 days a week at least) - sitting in front of my system.
And I no longer feel fresh - it's more like exhaustion.
It's not making sense I guess - we're all going through it.
But oh, I miss my evenings!


....R.A.J.A.... said...

u r such a software engineer!

Surabhi said...

wow! i love your template,but even more..I love the way you write! =) *applauds*

Kanupriya said...

yes, very typically so :-p

thanks :)
and, thanks again ;)

baadal said...

Thats a devastating truth and most of us are facing it.. People like you who have aesthetic senses suffer more..

I always prefer solitude to invent myself and a glimpse of dawn or eve bring me immense pleasure.. I feel like I have discovered more beauty out of the treasure nurtured by the God..

In this cacophonous environment, syndrome of your words and understanding are ramping like a blonde walking down the street.. People like me have nothing to do except gazing her.. Her aroma fills my heart and I make one more request 'please pour more' :)

You are lucky you have both paint-brush and words.. I am not unlucky too, I have few blogs in this digitized world where people like you keep fostering people like me..

Anonymous said...

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