Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Guys I Like (Aug 11th)

1. Ajay Jadeja (Cricketer - India)
For the way he smiles. That's what I call "a smile to die for". :-D

2. Sourav Ganguly (Cricketer - India)
For his attitude.

3. Brad Pitt (Actor - Hollywood)
For his looks.

4. Jyotiraditya Scindia (Politician - India)
For the way he carries off himself.

5. Sushant Singh (Actor - Bollywood)
For everything! For the way he acts, especially.

6. Johnny Depp (Actor - Hollywood)
For The Pirates of Caribbean.

7. Richard Gere (Actor - Hollywood)
For his most decent looks.

8. Saif Ali Khan (Actor - Bollywood)
For his sense of humor.

9. Virendra Sehwag (Cricketer - India)
For his cricket, and his simplicity.

10. Abhishek Bachchan (Actor - Bollywood)
For his eyes, his smile and the way he speaks.

11. Zayed Khan (Actor - Bollywood)
Looks and smile, I guess.

12. Raul Gonzalez (Football player - Spain)
A good player, and looks good too. ;-)

13. Goran Ivanisevic (Tennis player - Croatia)

14. Rahul Bose (Actor - Bollywood)

15. Rahul Khanna (Actor - Bollywood)

16. Paolo Maldini (Football player - Italy)

17. Ricardo Kaka (Football player - Brazil)

18. Kurt Cobain (Leader - Nirvana - USA)

*I could go on and on... but it's no use really, is it?
*Listing in no particular order.


Anonymous said...

:-D :-D

I'll ask Saurav to read it :-p

~ Time B-)

Abhishek said...

How Can u like Saurav.. he has the biggest atti prob in whole world. Every body knows abt his batting form.. still he was devastrated for not being selected in Asian XI.At present he is not good enough for West Bengal,leave alone Asian XI.

Abhishek said...

Apart from that... rest are good guys.Just add Thierry Henry ,Dennis Bergkamp n Cage n it will be mine

Nishit said...

well, I liked the list, except umm.. Zaayed. and would disagree with Abhishek here. Sourav does score for his attitude if not as cricketer...

Anonymous said...

Kurt Cobain
didnt know u hav sm knowledge abt rockstars too..i am impressed..

~Haan Nai To

Kanupriya said...

Saurav ko padha kar kya hoga? :-o

Wow! Good to have ya blogging along. :-D Nice blog btw, esp, nice banner! dint know u were such an ardent arsenal fan!
but Sourav's good - maano ya na maano. haan yeh zaroor hai ki kab use khelna hai, kab nahin - iska koi bharosa nahin!
and whoa, how did I f'get Henry? :-o add him to the list!

Yeah, that's what I wrote too, "for his attitude"... but Zayed's good. have u seen him in Shabd? he looks really... umm.. 'cute' I'd say. :-)

@Haan nai to
Kyun, aapne mujhe samajh kya rakha hai? x-( btw, aap hain kaun? :-D

Druid said...

Read your blog while strolling in the blog world . I read your latest post .... then read them all.
The yellow clock is a very nice touch .
Kindly increase the frequency of your posts.

S-e-A said...

didn't know u were into footballers??am impreseed...[:)]

and why is my name not there??[:P]

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot! will definitely try to post more often. am kinda busy these days.

thanx. :-) I'm kinda interested, yeah.
YOUR name? :-o


17th said...



then,find out the name urself...[;)][:p]

Anonymous said...

Koi hint to do, aise ajeeb-o-gareeb naamon se kaise guess karoon?


Sukhanwar said...

ha ha....hint chahiye??[:o]

well, 1 samay aap is nacheez ko kabhi-2 yaad kar liya kartin thin!!

na yaad kiya bhool kar bhi unhone humein;
humne jinki yaad mein sab kuch bhula diya


aur hint chahiye??[:)]


Sukhanwar said...

aur ab to hamare naam bhi ajeeb o gareeb ho gaye??

koi nahi,waise,list mein include pavel nedved also yaar!!


Anonymous said...

This is stupid.
I'm unable to post at shoutboxes. :'(

Anyway, I'm busy. Will be back in a few days. :-)


Pramod said...

daadi ... ap to ab bhuddhi ho hi gayi :P


6. Johnny Depp (Actor - Bollywood)

Kanupriya said...

thanx Pommu, for pointing out. :-p

~ Deeps ~ said...

impressed with ur knowledge of football.....good list...

Siege Perilous said...

sahi hai Di..
agar main bhi aisi list banaoon.. to duniya ke saare paper khatam ho jaaye.. counting khatam ho jaaye.. but list to chalati rahegi..
are.. main ladkiyon ki list ki baat kar raha tha.. not ladkon ki [:P][:D]

Anonymous said...

Do you have any informations about Sushant Singh? I can't find information on Internet. My e-mail:

Kanupriya said...

Tumhari ladkiyon ki 'lammbi' list ke baare mein to sabhi jaante hain. :-p
phir bhi, kabhie try karna.

what kind of info? I'll try if I cud find any.

Anonymous said...

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