Friday, March 25, 2005

Pseudo-Random Thoughts

I feel like a kid who's just found a new toy - life. I love it, I'm in awe of it, and I cant let anyone else be in control of it. It's mine, and there's so much to know about it.

I like the lyrics/music and voice of the (philosophical) songs that Kishore da sang for AB, Rajesh Khanna etc. And the mood too. His voice changes according to the mood. Listen to 'Yeh laal rang', 'Roop tera mastana' and 'Zindagi kaisi hai paheli'.

I hate myself for not studying. I really do.

I wish I were at home this Holi. But then, this is my last Holi in Banasthali. My seventh one.

I had thought life'd get more frustrating after Sonu and Rohini went home, but it's ok.

I've become very self-centered. See how the random thoughts begin with I and revolve around me.


ted said...

I've become very self-centered.

I have also changed ... but for the opposite. I have always been chastised at home for not having a heart ... for not showing visible emotions even in extreme situations. But here raja judged me to be have kiddish passions and emotions. Don't know what to make of it.

....R.A.J.A.... said...

'Zindagi kaisi hai paheli'

Kishore didn't tell me that he had sung it [:o]. I've always given credit to Manna

Bro, BV is full of Viruses; they chiefly affect your mind and make you emotional. Stay away from it [:)]

ted said...

Good observations bro ... :))

Kanupriya said...

Tirtho da, what I know of you, you've always had a heart. And that too, of gold! [:)]

Oops! That was a typo! The song was 'Jeevan ke safar mein raahi'. [:)]
Looks like you've got affected by some virus yourself. [;)]

ted said...

And that too, of gold!

Does this mean that i can act well ? :o
I definitely don't have a heart of gold. Ask my views of cannibalism to those present at Bangalore. :D

But what i said in my previous comment is very true. I have seen relatives dying, falling sick etc ... without crying ... and behaving exceedingly normal ... which was, under the circumstances, in very bad taste. :((
But i was younger then ... and behaved more naturally then. Now possibly i can change my behaviour to suit the demands of the society ... OR ... have i really become too emotional ?

Kanupriya said...

Tirtho da, you said once (about me) "There are so many facets of her character that i would like to emulate.I wish i could be more like her."
[:D] Wohi ho gaya!

And I've become more or less of what you've described yourself to be.

ted said...

Character switch ? :o :o :o :o

ted said...

And I've become more or less of what you've described yourself to be.

Don't be so harsh on yourself. Being self-centred and emotionless are two very different things. :((

Kanupriya said...

Arey Tirtho da, dont get so upset. Abhi itne bhi bure haalaat nahin hain. [:D]

ted said...

When was i upset ? :o

Anonymous said...

hey nautanki,
how's u been doing? chanced upon ur blogspace today...
You'll miss it for some days, cry for it perhaps, but life goes on. You find a new house, you start decorating it. It might not be easy, but it's fun if you find the right colors for the walls, the right furniture, the right curtains, the right people to share it with.

hmmm.. u seem to have grown a lot kiddo.. am glad for u.. wish things weren't the way they are.. was kinda missing ya today.. anyways.. guess its best i don't write in much.. anyways have never liked writing at places wherein everyone else can peep in to.. do me a favor.. delete the comment after u're through reading it.. its only for ur eyes..
chal... take care ma li'l pa..
may u always stay as in awe and love with life.. how's maanu btw??? do pass my hi to him.. and namaste to aunty..

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