Friday, March 25, 2005

As Kids - (Part 1) Our escape from home

We were three - Pallavi didi, Sonu (my sis) and me. They're both two years older to me. We had formed this "secret" detective agency, called RP99. It was Richa-Pallavi and their ages. I was not a partner in the firm yet! :P

How serious we were with it! We'd actually go to all sort of weird places, and do real jasoosi. Our targets were usually any odd-looking person, all the patients (we live in doctor's colony), any big houses/kothis, the water tank of our colony (that was such a suspicious-looking place, secluded & dirty), and the crematorium near our colony. :)) In the hot summer afternoons when everyone slept, we'll spend hours looking for clues of any kind of crime. We spared noone. Everyone was either a criminal or a victim. We even had code names. Mine was Rakhi, the others were Rekha and Sridevi I think. What names!! Come to think of it, we were perhaps the most stupid kids around, but blessed with the best imaginations too.

One fine day when we returned home at 7 or 8 pm, having spent the whole afternoon & evening taking notes, keeping eye on all the 'criminals', mumma was furious! We got a good (verbal) thrashing and decided this was not the place for us. We had to find another home for ourselves.

The very next day, we took some bread, a comb and 25 paise each, and set on our journey. Where to go, everyone was keeping an eye on us (so we thought). We just roamed here and there, not talking to anyone, hiding behind trees & bushes for no reason and walking through dried up naalis. At last we saw a big house. Ah! Pallavi didi said "Dekho, hum Nagpur aa gaye. Yeh meri mausi ka ghar hai!"
R: "Andar chalein kya?"
K: "Mausi ghar par to nahin batayengi na?"
P: "Arey hum bas unse milke aur khana kha ke chale jayenge yahan se"

Knock-knock! Standing before us, a policeman with moustaches.
P: (to us) "Lagta hai Mausi ko kisi ne kidnap kar liya hai!"
R: "Bhaago!!"

And we ran for our lives. I hated it. Why did he had to kidnap Mausi, I was so hungy!

A few minutes of walking, and we were in the main market of Rewa. There's a place called Peeli Kothi, which was abandoned then (now it's been converted into a museum). A perfect place for us to live in, we thought! We went to the first floor using the creaky stairs. The first thing that we saw there was the scores of lizards and cobwebs all around us. Shrieking, we ran down the creaky stairs, which almost gave way under out feet.

We went to a shop. "Uncle, paani milega kya?" "!" We sat there, planning what to do next. I wanted to go home, I was so hungry! (I think they were too, but being elder to me they could not say this)
"Arey Sonu, tum log yahan kya kar rahe ho?" It was our uncle. "Munna mama?" (Thank God Rewa was a small place) I dont know of the others, but I was happy. At least I'd get something to eat now. He took us home. Where, before anything, we got lots of scolds and love, all mixed together. I dont know whether mumma was happy or sad or angry. I got to eat my favorite Gulab Jamuns that night. Lots of them.

Looking back at it, it's hard to believe we really did all this. There's so much to be said, I could write a book about our adventures. The Adventures of RP99. (Perhaps that's the reason I like Tom Sawyer, Calvin, Rusty and Swami so much.) :)


Kanupriya said...

Yes I know that was a long post. Any other comments? [:D]

ted said...

Is anyone else besides me jobless enough to read blogs in the morning of Holi ?

But nice adventure Kanu ... reminded me of that ad in which the child is brought back home from the station and fed his favourite jalebis.
I have had a very different childhood.
Living in a very very big city, and with grandparents, and without siblings, the scope of adventure was pretty limited. :((

Anonymous said...

Other than some typos, it is SUPERB. I'm feeling like "yeh dil maange more" [:D]. Actually, it's a bit short post Ms Kanupriya. I've noticed that you write better than some of the 'proclaimed' writers in TLTE. The only thing missing from your writing is confidence, and that actually adds more charm to it [:)]

Ted is right. It reminded me of the same ad. But, Ted, don't call it a 'very very big' city from where you are.

~ Time

ted said...

Mr Anonymous ... don't insult my city. :x Calcutta is far bigger than where i am now. :D

P.S : I never knew there were "proclaimed writers" in TLTE. :o Who are they ?

Kanupriya said...

Tirtho da, hmm. "Jaana to hai, magar bees-pachchees saal baad"! Hai na?
Living in small cities is fun as kids. Bade shahron ke bhi dher se faayde hain, lekin we used to play as if the whole city was ours! Everyone was criminal, but ofcourse noone cud hurt us. And you know what, there was also a boy called Debashish in our gang. Aapko dekhkar mujhe uski hi yaad aati hai. [:)]

Anonymous [:D]
Thanx! :"> Who're the 'proclaimed' writers?

ted said...

"Jaana to hai, magar bees-pachchees saal baad"!

Yeh kiske response me tha kanu ? :o :o

Kanupriya said...

Main bas poochh rahi thi. Was that the ad you were referring to? The Dhara ad??

ted said...

Shayaad wohi hai.

Anas said...

Miss M,

Just wanted to tell u that it was a nice blog .. infact something similar happened to me and my brother also... our SS ( secret society ..dumb !!) was codenamed as "red delta tigers" ... dunno how the name cropped up...must be from one of those detective stories/serials ...but it was all fun.. wud like to live those sultry summer afternoon trysts once again ...

Siege Perilous said...

Kanu, so Did u find out who kidnapped ur Mausi ?? [:D:D:D]
Nice Blog..

ye aaj kal sab apne bachpan ke baar eme kyun leekh rahe hai.. (even Asha too).. its so nostalgic :( !!

Anonymous said...

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