Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Aayam Experience

Aayam - the magazine of Control-C Association. I've been in the editing & production team for four years now. And every year it's a whole new experience.
We've grown together (Aayam & me), I've learnt so many things along the way. During my first year in Aayam, I felt very hesitant about rejecting any article (the girl took so much pain writing it, I thought), but with time you learn saying No.
You start to get used to people too. Initially I got irritated when others didnt show up for the meetings. I still do, but now I dont feel like shouting at them.
And you get to know how to make others write something. You cannot get useful articles by putting up notices at every wall of the institute, naah! There are tricks. Sometimes people are lacking in ideas. You show them the direction, and they'll come out with something extraordinary. You leave it all to them, they'll keep you waiting forever. We all need inspiration at time, dont we? [:D]
I've made so many new friends too. Seniors, juniors, batchmates. Some of them are really nice - the kind who give you this good feel, u know - Surabhi, Pooja, Sudhu are some of my favs. And I'm sure there'll be others too, we just need a little more time together.

Hmm... I'd say this magazine thing really is not a bad thing. I loved it, not so much for the readind/editing part of it, as for the learning part.


Ritesh said...

Welcome back!

You have been using a lot of Orkut nowadays! "[:D]"

Kanupriya said...

Not that I'm Orkutting too much (ofcourse I am). But it's coz this smiley [:D] is far better than the Y! smiley :D.

Ritesh said...


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