Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sonu Nigam

I have always said "I like some of his songs, but not him". It was this mushy-mushy style of his - he gets way too romantic. As my didi says, "Lagta hai agar isko woh ladki nahin mili, to mar jaayega". You can check this out yourself - just listen to any song from his album Jaan/Yaad. Or Resham Si Hain Yeh Hawaayein Sanam (Mere Yaar Ki...), Aayi Jo Teri Yaad (Saaya), or many others. Even in the ones I like - Saathiya (Title Track), Satragni Re (Dil Se). It gets almost comical at times. See the difference between the two version of the same song O Saathiya from Saaya - first one by Udit Narayan, & the second one (Aayi jo teri yaad - sad version) by Sonu, and you'll know what I'm talking about.
But recently I've actually started liking him. No, not because of Indian Idol. It's just that he sings really well. And that what counts when you're evaluating a singer. My favorite list includes a number songs by him-
1. Saathiya
2. Satrangi Re
3. Tanhayi (DCH)
4. Sandese (Border)
5. Tumse Milke Dil Ka (MHN)
6. Mera Rang De (The Legend of Bhagat Singh)
and many more. And I really cannot hate him any more.

PS: By the way, my new Minesweeper Beginners timning - 3 seconds. :)


Ritesh said...

:X This is bad yaar. I was supposed to write about Sonu Nigam and Swades! You are stealing my ideas!! :D Anywayz how does it matter, I'll write about them anywayz. :)

Sonu rocks! I wish Rehman had used him in Swades! Only Sukhwinder can match him at the so-high pitch he sings. Most of my fav songs are from him.


BD said...

out of the songs you mentioned I loved Mera Rang De Basanti. It gives me goose pimples even when I think about it!

....R.A.J.A.... said...

dunno 'bout the songs, but 3 secs is insane :D

Kanupriya said...

Thanku, part work, part luck!
But I've dont tht twice now. Though I dont play minesweeper all tht much now.

I got another good one by Sonu (thnx Surabhi). It's actually a remake of Mohd Rafi's 'Gar Tum Bhula Na Doge'. And he's sung it really well. Contact me if anyone wants tht. :)

~ Deeps ~ said...

I guess, u missed the one of the best songs he has ever sung in recent times....thats Khnh title track.....

anyway 3 secs sounds impossible....wats the trick ?

pwincess said...

i'd like 2 take this opportunity 2 thank every single person who has made positive comments abt sonuji.thanxs alot guys 4 actually taking time and sending good comments on a hardworking and very great hearted person like sonu nigamji.
plz keep these postive comments going.
thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

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