Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Coming home to BV

At last, I'm back after Deepawali. Home is always so much fun. Especially if you have some 100 relatives waiting back at home. It's really nice seeing them all after so long, talking nonstop about so many things, going to the same old places that we've been to a hundred times before, knowing about all the marriages fixed - relationships broken, preparing for Deepawali as if it was the first time we were celebrating it (or may be the last), cooking, not getting up in the mornings, fighting about so many things... the list continues. Who wants to come back to the hostel?
But when I come back, it doesnt look as hell like as I expected. Though there are so many assignments to be submitted, seminars to be presented, the farewell party to be arranged, things to be done & exams at a hand. Still, in a way it feels like coming back home.
Seven years in the same institute... it's bound to become your second home - first, for some. And you know you're going to miss it once you leave it.
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