Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Midsems in BV

Those who say girls study a lot, they're right. And those who say girls mug a lot, they're also right. Proof? Come have a look at any hostel in BV during midsems. Girls studying on stairs, on beds, on tables & chairs, on the roof, in front of the PC. Girls studying in groups, girls studying alone, girls teaching each other. Girls taking a break- girls chatting, girls going to canteen, girls singing, girls listening to Swades, girls making coffee - girls continuing with their studies. Girls with doubts, girls with no doubts, girls with lots of doubts, girls with all the doubts in the world! Girls getting depressed, girls calling their boyfriends, their family, their best friends.

Banasthali is a cute place during midsems.

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