Saturday, October 16, 2004

The day before the OS test

(For those of you who understand hindi)

OK Kanu, so you've got to finish it off today. ANYHOW!

The day begins:
0730: Alarm (come on, you dont expect a future s/w professional to get up before THAT, do you?)
0830: "Kanu uth, 9 baje se class hai!!!"
0900: Off to department.
1200: Back
1230: Lunch
1330: Orkut (okay I dont miss out on that, even if it's just to check today's posts)
1530: Napping-time ("Wake me up at 4:00, Rashmi!")
1700: "Kanu uth! Ayu sir C++ ki sheets dikha rahe hain!!"
1800: Market (cunt have possibly delayed it longer. Toothpaste kabse nahin hai ~ Colgate, BTW)
2100: Back (I HAD to eat something. I'm not going all the way to the market just to buy a damn toothpaste)
2130: "Kanu, PADH!!!!"
2135: "Why am I feeling that we dont get enough time??"
2140: "Yaar yeh memory management poora padhna hai kya?"
2150: "Suna kal movie dikha rahe hain"
"Sach? Kaun si?"
"Kyun, Ho Gaya Na"
(Begins a long discourse about KHGN, Aishwarya, Vivek Oberoi, Amitabh, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Banasthali movie policy, blah-blah-blah. Girls are really good at things like these)
2230: "Saadhe das baj gaye!! Maine kuchh nahin padha hai :(("
2300: "Yeh teachers saara course class tests mein hi kyun de dete hai??"
2400: "Sona bhi hai."
("Abe kal test to shaam 7 baje hai na???? :D"
0030: Orkutting
0100: Writing this blog

(And anyways, it's only a class test)


BD said...

So you fall into the category of Procrastinators hehe... welcome to the elite club!

Kanupriya said...

:D but not a "typical grad procrastinator" :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, I felt u have written abt my schedule (the day before any test). Well now have passed those days when OS-DS hi yaad aate the sote jaagte..Magar padh kar phir se woh din yaad aa gaye..
Good one..

Anonymous said...

OS is one of the most intersting subjects :). But studying for it is a pain ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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