Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Birth-"Nights" at BV

Birthdays in hostels for sure are different. I've heard of birthdays at boys' hostels - they are different with PARTY, booze & GPL (ofcourse). Girls have a much subtler thing- at least at BV. They'd arrange a surprise B'day party at the girl's room. (Though everyone knows there's going to be a surprise, even the bday girl- it's kinda cute). Cake kaata jayega, shor machaya jayega, gifts/cards diye jayenge (yeah, right then, at 12 o'clock), and then comes the main thing- dancing. Actually, dance is what matters for almost all the junta. Girls'd go on dancing for hours together. Those who know, those who don't - all of us. And then we depart.
Today's Shipi's Bday. Happy Birthday Shilpi! We enjoyed dancing at your room.

Current mood: Reminiscent
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FirewalleD said...

hi kanu !!!

i guess b'day celebrations in girl hostels r more or less same like d celebrations in boys hostel......atleast this is what i have heard from my cousin......thing is that gals have d decency of buying some gifts for the bday gal .........!!!!!

but still b'days r b'days and everyone likes them ........whteher boy or gal .......and ......i really enjoy my b'day ............anyways ......keep on writing .

Ritesh said...


Never knew bdays at girls hostel are so boring ;). Ya dancing sounds good though. Keep posting!

-Ritesh (from orkut-TLTE!) :))

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