Monday, October 24, 2016


Connection - that's what I am looking for.

But not of the kind that we form on social media
In fact, the kind that is the farthest from it

The kind that makes you feel
Actually makes you feel
Not that hollow thing that make you RT, like or upvote
The kind that fills you up, overwhelms you, makes you brim over
Not the kind that makes you feel all the more empty inside

I wish I could laugh at the joke you shared for everyone to see
But I can't

I'm not looking for what's public
I'm looking for something personal
Deeply intimate

Share with me your deepest fears
Not your superficial smiles or Instagram meals

Only then can I share with you
The me that I guard with all my will


Umang Khanna said...

I'm not being able to click on the provided 'Contact me'. Anyway..being a film-maker, I've been trying to decipher Gulzar's lyrics lately, and you've given me a treasure with Gulzar 101, some interpretations (real colors of Satrangi) really melted my face..I still have to go through you blogs as I'm sure they must be equally good..keep posting, and thanks a ton. !

Umang Khanna said...
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Unknown said...

nice post.....
Thanks For Sharing

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