Wednesday, June 04, 2008

So Bad It's Good

Okay, so this is not yet another philosophical / dark post :)

Instead, I'll talk about (after a long, long time) a favorite topic of mine - movies. Indian movies, to be specific. Indian movies of the 80s and early 90s, to be even more specific. Remember, the movies that were so bad they actually made you laugh? The movies of, well, 'Jani Dushman - Ek Anokhi Kahaani' kind? [Okay, yes, you caught it right - the movie was released in 2002, and not in the 80s - but it was the first example that came to my mind - suits the blog title so well, you know]

So, when was it last that you saw an ichchhadhari naag, or the Indian version of superman? This reminds me of another evergreen SBIG movie. And you thought the legendary Duryodhan's was the only role played by Puneet Issar?! Well, watch this movie to learn how animation works [or worked, at least in the initial stages of animation in Bollywood]

And then there was this Bhojpuri movie I stumbled upon [I've heard they're almost just as good] in which the hero, with his hands cut off mind you, shoots the villain with the gun clutched in his feet! This, we must admit, is the supreme example of the Indian determination and certainly deserves a standing ovation.

And we can't forget to remember fondly all the movies that started with "Aaj tumhare pitaji hote to ...", or "Behan, dekh main tere liye laal joda lekar aaya hoon", went on to "Bhagwan ke liye mujhe chhod do" or "Is ghar ke darwaaze, tumhare liye hamesha hamesha ke liye band ho chuke hain"; and ended with "Police ne chaaron taraf sey tumhe gher liya hai, Apne hathiyaar phenk do" or "Kanoon ko apne haathon mein lene ki koshish mat karo. *Sigh*

It's a matter of immense grief for hardcore bollywood lovers like me that such movies are becoming a rarity. So, let me take this opportunity to call out to all bollywood fans out there to suggest some more unheard movies of the SBIG genre.

"Himmat hai to saamne aa!"


Shantanu said...

1) "Main tumhare bache ki maa banne waali hoon" :-P
2) and the jobless shashi kapoor in all the movies saying: "mere paas degree hai par sifarish nahi"
3) I remember that watching "jaani dushman- ek anokhi kahani" was such a pain that we actually used to make our juniors in college watch that movie and then there used to be a quiz, and whoever used to fail in it, needed to watch the movie again :-)
4) the hero bharoing the maang of the heroine with his khoon!

This is just too good!

Kanupriya said...

the second one is good :D

manu said...

Happy B'day nautanki :)

SG said...

Happy Birthday !!!!

jj said...

comments dekh ke aisa lagta hai ki janmdin badhai! And yes some movies from my side:
1- Are we touching Dev Anand here, or is that a separate genre in itself? Censor, Mr. Prime Minister, Warrant, Sacchhe ka bolbala

2- Again is Prabhuji (Mithun) being considered? You are really fortunate to share your birthday with such a great great man, assuming that your birthday is today

Kanupriya said...

Thanks Manu, Shveta! :)

Yes, I do share my b'day with Mithun da ;-)
And ofcourse, all these movies are a welcome addition ^_^

I said...

here is govinda's contributution..
1. swarg
2. bhabhi
3. sone ki cycle chaandi ki seat
and so on...

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