Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Guess I've developed this liking for dark background colors, usually Black. Anyway!

This was done when I had a lot of work, and nothing seemed to be going right. Very rough (the sketch). Dunno when I'll get over drawing female forms, and draw something else. They're easy, and it's more like a habit - whenever I start drawing something, it turns out to be a female :-p

Oh, by the way, I didn't much like the movie - Black. I mean, the acting/plot was good and everything, the subject was handled well - still! Things were a bit overdone, especially by AB. I watched Page-3 at the same time, almost, and liked it better. It was so well developed, and had some fabulous actors.

Again, I liked Atul Kulkarni in Page-3. But he went over the hill in Rang De Basanti at places. Loved Siddharth in it, absolutely. Such a subtle role, done with perfection. Sukhi was good, too - has a great sense of humor. Soha looked fresh, Amir old.

But he looks all the more old in Fanaa - which is a disaster! Veer-Zara Part-II. Only better for its acting. Story is missing in both. Thus in a way it's better than Veer-Zara - the real disaster. (OK, all the Veer-Zara followers - the views discussed are purely mine, don't hit me!)

Enough for now, I guess. Will be back soon. :-)

(The title looks so very out of place now. But, well, whatever!)

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