Wednesday, June 21, 2006


No, I don't know what it is. I didn't know what I'd come out with when I started drawing this. I was just plain confused, and it shows. It's not even an original idea in its entirety. I saw something in various shades of green somewhere (though that was done using shading/texture/lightness effects) and got inspired.

Coming back to myself (ah, my favorite topic!) - as I said, I'm confused. So much so, that I goofed up (on my job) in something I had been doing almost everyday. And it was as stupid as typing something totally irrelevant in an xml file, and releasing it! 8-

So, I thought, maybe I need a break (yes I do) - but can't really afford one. We've to vacate our flat (for those who're interested - it's not about the four of us (me and my roomies) only, all the bachelors in our society have been asked to look for a new place to live in, 'coz some fool (read a drunk guy) jumped off the third floor and died! (how dumb can it get!) So all those living in Noida and reading this, if you have a room, contact me!!).

And now with my final exams a week away (at last!), loads of work at office, a new module to work on (that means many-many documents to read - apart from the ones I have to study for my exams), the last thing I needed was this confusion.

Especially, you, Mr. Mukherjee, if you're reading this - help me out! Help me understand what's going on.

Coming back to the picture again, there's something missing in it, and I'm not able to put a finger on it. Maybe a light would all of a sudden emenate from atop the rod or something. I can actually see that, but alas! paintbrush is too primitive a tool for that *sigh*.

So, if you think something can be done to the painting's state (or mine), lemme know *sigh*. I'll try my best to *listen* (that's quite improbable though) and talk (all the more improbable).

Current Music:
Tum bhi to tum nahin ho aaj
Hum bhi to aaj hum nahin

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