Sunday, December 04, 2005

My day today

...was not exactly what I'd planned it to be (as usual, I had planned to study A LOT :-p).
Anyway, I woke up at sth like 1 pm, which is late even by my standards.
Another thing worth mentioning - I had missed my fairwell while I had been home to attend my sister's marriage (plan to write a blog abt tht too, if I get time). So like the good juniors that they are, my juniors came to meet (?) me, and I got my 'fairwell title' which went -
'Ek ada aapki dil churaane ki
Ek ada aapki dil mein bas jaane ki
Ek chehra aapka chaand sa
Aur ek zid humaari chaand paane kii'
I wish I studied in co-ed! :-p
Also got a beeeautiful photo-frame. Haven't yet put up a pic in it!
Well, I'm not particularly financially sound these days, and to add to my 'gareebi', I came to know abt this book fair in Banasthali. I'd promised myself I won't buy anything. But as they say, promises are meant to be broken. So I ended up buying seven books (I had selected some 15 or so).
  • A collection of stories by Edgar Allan Poe. I had always liked his style of writing, plus his feel-good stories.
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I already had Tom Sawyer's, but Huckle's my fav and I absolutely had to buy this!
  • Another collection of stories by Ismat Chugtai 'Chidi ki Dukki'. Seems interesting. Lesse.
  • Yet another collection, by Bhishma Sahni, titled - Vangchu.
  • Collection of Russian folk tales - 'Ilya ki Bahaduri'. I've always had this thing for russian tales, they're short, sweet and well written (almost always).
  • Collection of Indian folk tales - reminded me of my Nandan days. I wish they're good. (both these folk tales' books are for Nanu)
  • And, lastly - Midnight's Children. I had no particular reason for buying this, except tht I had nothing by Sulman Rushdie in my collection till now. Though I've often tried reading Booker winning books, I always end up promising myself never to pick another one up again. Still, I got this one. Lesse if I cud finish it :-p
After a couple of hours of studying, as always my mind drifted away. And I realised there are songs which I like for no reason (I always find reasons for liking a song first, be it anything - lyrics, voice, music). But these are the songs which shud have come in my un-likeable category-
  • Kyun Chhupaate Ho Mann Ki Baat (Mann) - A typical Nadeem-Shravan song, with typical Sameer lyrics, and typical Udit Narayan voice (I like UN thou'). There's no reason why I shud like this one.
  • Diye Jalte Hain, Phool Khilte Hain (Namak Haraam) - I don't usually like songs abt friendship. Not this much. Maybe it's the RD-Kishore combo!
  • Woh Chaand Jaisi Ladki (Devdas) - Why?! I don't know!!
  • Haaye Rama Yeh Kya Hua - I want to hate this song, but I can't.
~Yet again Pseudo-Random


....R.A.J.A.... said...

"Woh Chhand Jaisi Ladki" -- chaand*

read the books and then tell me the stories :-D

Siege Perilous said...

back to studies.. !!
Sahi hai.. and yeah.. u surely miss the FUN at farewell... at the sot of FUN at marriage !!

anyways.. all d best !! [:)]

Kanupriya said...

yes, ofcourse it's 'chaand'

ok, wait for some months :-p

yeah, lekin this shaadi was special!
and thanx :-)

Pramod said...

daadi itna sab kuch padhti hai :o ... aapka chasma to theek hai na :P

Kanupriya said...

@Pommu kid
padh-padh ke chashma hi phoot gaya :((

anuj said...

nice title u got. Bad luk tht u cudnt attend ur farewell & congrats to ur sis on her wedding.

Book fair .. sounds nice

hehe mockin of songs ..

Kanupriya said...

thanx :-) (for reading the whole blog :-p)

books to achchhi hain, pata nahin padhne ka mauka kab milega!

....R.A.J.A.... said...

seen the pics :-)

Kanupriya said...


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