Monday, November 14, 2005

Warning: A Random One

After B.Sc. III year, we decided to stay back at Banasthali for our summer training. There were only six of us (me, Richa, Pooja, Ballu, Kimi and NehaG), with literally nothing to do – ‘cause the training consisted of developing a ‘software’ for ‘admission management’ in Banasthali (we basically had to design some forms using VB and provide a back-end in MS-Access :-p). So, there we were – the six of us, max-wellas.

Now, living in Rajasthan in May-June is not all that pleasant, so we spent our day (8 am to 9 pm) at the department (read, in the internet lab). From 0800 to 2100 only, ‘coz we were supposed to be back in hostels by 9. Now, what do 6 girls, who have nothing else to do but surf the internet for 13 hours, do? They find arbit people for chatting. :-p

Our (bad)luck – we found some 7-8 guys from IITK, also staying at their hostel, as wellas as us – some fakka-fied, some staying back ‘just like that’. Let’s call them B, J, S, M, V, N and U.

So, we chatted. About IITs and Banasthali, girls and guys, love affairs and frustration, families and expectations, about X, Y and Z. Now, we were new to chatting, and new to IITians too. Believe me, they’re altogether a different species. And I can say this even after knowing them for all these years. They’d crack the most chosen PJs, use swear-words as if that’s what they’re taught (that was sth very shocking to me at that time, now I really am not bothered), get all psyched up for no apparent reason, go into depths of depression at time, use each other’s Ids, and sometimes disappear without any prior warning. They’re not at all like what (we common people) suppose an IITian to be - bookworms, very sincere, you know the ‘chashmish’ type. :-D

It was with them that I came to know of terms like baap, bhai, fakka, zukka, bulla, lassa, dassu, GPL (this one came out after much coaxing) and so on. And it was with them that my vocabulary of swear-words built up. :-p

That reminds me of an incident. Let’s say I (as in me) and B are good friends, and I and J are very good friends. So B tells me, that ‘lasiyana’ (verb form of ‘lassa’) means ‘to chat’(Edited: it means - ishq ladaana or sth like that). Now J comes and the conversation follows:

J: Kya kar rahi ho?
I: B se lasiya rahi hoon.
J (shocked): Kya?!!
I: Suna nahin, lassa maar rahi hoon B ke saath!
J: Yaar, usse kyun lassa maar rahi ho?
I: Koi aur mila nahin, maine socha yahi sahi.
J: Vaise ek baat to hai, lasiyaate sab hain, lekin aise kahta koi nahin.
I: Ismein sharmaane waali kaun si baat hai?
J: Badhiya hai, lage raho!
I: Nahin yaar, bore ho gayi. Mere liye S hi theek hai.
J: Woh bhi?!
I: Aur kya? Hum Banasthali waalon ke paas aur kaam bhi kya hai, tum IITians ke saath lasiyaane ke alawa?!
J: *faints*


Siege Perilous said...

me faint too !!

....R.A.J.A.... said...

Indeed, BV gals have nothing else to do other than lassa maarna and having crushes :-p

Kanupriya said...


:-w kya hai?

chandu said...


BD said...

ahem .. chalo shukar hai IITK specify kar diya :D

Kanupriya said...


Kgp bhi kam nahin hai vaise, uske bhi kuchh kisse hain :-p

anuj said...

lasiyaana ???? chaityana to suna tha .... newyaz nice post. YA chatting is quite a timepass .. but blogging is more fun :)

Anonymous said...

yes, definitely!


Anonymous said...

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