Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's been some time since I posted some true 'Rozaana' stuff. So, let's have some!

1. I'm having my midterms. I was almost certain I'd flunk, but looks like I won't!

2. The papers in V semester are not all that bad. Especially Reat Time Systems and AI. Guess I could like even Pattern Recognition.

3. I still like songs from Swades. The music and the voices, specially. Yeh Taara and Pal-Pal are my current favs.

4. I'm looking forward to going home, am kinda missing all the fun everyone's having back there.

5. Then I'm also looking forward to coming back, have my fairwell and annual cultfest after the vacations.

Then there's been this VERY interesting Chennai/Madurai trip. And I learnt a lot from it.
I don't like curd-rice.
I like Italian burgers.
I don't like olives.
I like nariyal-ki-chatni.
I don't like pudine-ki-chatni.
I like fries.
I don't like nuggets.

I'm a foodie. I eat everything. Even what I don't like. :-p


Anonymous said...

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luke said...

well so the trip does gud 4 u and yeah well hostlers define taht kinda eating habits altogether ..:)

shveta said...

well hostlers i guess are made to eat even things they dont like eventually .....

....R.A.J.A.... said...

"I don't like curd-rice." - I do
"I like Italian burgers." - what are they? :o
"I don't like olives." - neither do I [-(
"I like nariyal-ki-chatni." - Yup :-)
"I don't like pudine-ki-chatni." - I like it
"I like fries." - sometimes
"I don't like nuggets" - So do I B-)

so, u get 4.5 out of 7 :-D

....R.A.J.A.... said...

btw, why was the Chennai trip VERY interesting? :-?
just 'coz u found out u like certain food and dislike some other? :-?

Kanupriya said...

nah! 'coz of some very interesting ppl that I got to meet [:D]

BD said...

It's been a long time CR(KR?) -- a lot of changes since my last visit :P

And please do enable word verification, to prevent spam comments.

take care :)

Neo said...

"I like Italian burgers."

me too....[;)]
especially if eaten with fries,right??

Anonymous said...

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