Sunday, February 27, 2005

Dil Se

Dil Se - Mani Rathnam's best flick as I see it. Dil Se is a disturbing (somehow) romance set in the backdrop of religious and nationalist fundamentalism, terrorism and violence.
The film's producers claim that the movie is a journey through the seven different shades of love, based on ancient Arabic thought. (I did not know that till today). Hub(attraction), Uns(infatuation), Ishq(love), Adiqat(reverence), Ibaadat(worship), Junoon(obsession), and finally, Maut(death). Bewitching, isnt it?
And lyricist Gulzar has captured all the seven shades in a single song, Satrangi Re. No wonder I find it one of the best songs ever written (and composed/sung). See the best of ARR in the compositions. All the songs stand apart, my favorite ones being Satrangi Re, Dil Se Re and Aye Ajnabee, though noone can deny Sukhwinder the credit for Chhaiya-Chhaiya.
Cinematography by Santosh Sivan is extraordinary. From the high altitude deserts of the north, to the pal,-fringed beaches of the south, India is shown in all her glory. And at her best.
Excellent performances by SRK and Manisha. Preity at her bubbly best (acted well too). And Manisha looks stunningly beautiful.
The story/screenplay was by Manirathnam himself I think. A very different movie. Sad that people could not understand it. Else they'd have loved it like I do.


ted said...

Sad that people could not understand it. Else they'd have loved it like I do.Wonderful !!!!!!! This line preempts any possible criticism of the movie.
Anyway ... let me continue.
Great songs and a brilliant Preity Zinta ... horrible Manisha ... ok Shahrukh.
The story lacked direction and sense. Wasted a potentially good plot.

Kanupriya said...

And I think the best thing about the movie (other than songs and cinematography) was its story. It did not lack sense Ted, for chrissake! When was it that you last saw the movie? :D

ted said...

I last saw it in 1998. I was so bored that i started solving an inequalities problem set during the movie. That's why i remember it so well.

Ritesh said...

I havent yet seen it........ :(

PSV said...

interesting way to describe the emotions captured in the song "satrangi re" though i have heard it 100 times...but never thought it was that great..maybe i never thought of it the way u did.Good observation.

Anonymous said...

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